Coffee Data Science

For anyone following me, I thought I’d let you know that I extracted from 1,200 pages a book on how to incrementally improve espresso using data science. I’m using Kickstarter to gauge interest and fund the graphic design, editing, and printing. So far, it’s surpassed the initial goal of $5,000…

I have been making staccato espresso for a few years, and I decided to apply the same concept to pasta. In espresso, I sift coffee to make three layers of fine, medium, and coarse grounds. Then I layer these for a better shot. Could I do this with pasta too?

Forward: a friend gave these to me, and since I haven’t seen them anywhere else online, I thought I would publish them. I love the Kim Express, but most information about the machine is scarce. I didn’t edit the language, and this was translated to English from Italian. …

Coffee Data Science

In the beginning, I learned about the concept ofhead space, but I didn’t know the word. Head space is the gap between the top of the coffee grounds and the shower screen for espresso.

I wanted to explore head space better, but there is a trouble with the variable being…

Coffee Data Science

When I started university, nearly 20 years ago, I started writing regularly. I wrote about my life and philosophy, and writing morphed into a cathartic process to help process the world mentally, emotionally, philosophically, and spiritually. I ended up composing five philosophy books during my junior year, but I didn’t…

Robert McKeon Aloe

I’m in love with my Wife, my Kids, Espresso, Data Science, tomatoes, cooking, engineering, talking, family, Paris, and Italy, not necessarily in that order.

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