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Personal Stories and Concerns

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Coffee Data Science

Residuals of a transparent portafilter experiment on pre-infusion

I was experimenting with a transparent portafilter for espresso, and I published some results across a few experiments. In talking with Jonathan Gagné, he wondered if I could see a relationship between flow and time based on capillary action. So I applied my image processing skills to a video to help see if the relationship was visible, and it was observed!

Pre-wetting follows right in line with capillary action!

This is important because some times, we mistake pre-infusion for pre-wetting, and the result is that the puck is not fully wet which could result in a bad espresso shot. …

Coffee Data Science

A visual data journey in coffee failure analysis

There has been some debate about the usefulness of post-shot puck analysis or puckology. Often this involves looking at the top of the puck, and occasionally I’ve seen photos of the bottom of the puck. Typically, they are hard to decode.

I have noticed as my shots have become more complex because of staccato tamping and paper filters, they have lended themselves to being used for better failure analysis. I typically use a paper filter on bottom and in the middle of the shot, and if there are leftover coffee stains, I can better surmise where channeling started.

Only the best for the brick people

As I was building out my city, I decided I needed a state-of-the-art hospital.

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I started with a simple design, and I spent too much time designing a morgue. I wanted to have a table that rotated and some freezer storage. It’s probably because my mom’s family has a dark humor about themselves when it comes to death.

A reflection after multiple product launches

When I started at Apple, they said, “There’s work, and then there’s your life’s work.” They were referring to work as the making of Apple’s products because they are so impactful.

I think they got it wrong.

Apple’s work isn’t just to make products; it’s to build character. I think the single greatest contribution to society by Apple is to create experiences that cause people to cultivate character. My life’s work is not the products I work on, but how I impact the world. My impact depends on my character. My life’s work is my character.

Even Apple as a corporation aims to set an example to other companies on how they can strive to be diverse, take care of the environment, and be accessible to all. They aren’t perfect, but at least they’re trying. …

Coffee Data Science

Multiple Curious Experiments

I figured out I could use a Kompresso as a transparent portafilter, and I’ve gone about with a few experiments to understand what goes on inside a shot. It has been very entertaining, and I decided to put these experiments all together for ease of viewing. My hope is that they will spawn more experiments of my own and other people’s.

I present six of my resent experiments as listed below:

  1. Showing Channeling through Air Flow
  2. Channeling in Staccato Shots and Pre-Infusion
  3. A Full 3-Layer Staccato Shot
  4. Air Bubbles in Coffee
  5. Intentional Channeling
  6. Side Channeling Visualized

Showing Channeling Through Air

I had run a few shots in this manner, when I noticed something particularly interesting. When I pull the plunger out, it seemed air would flow through certain areas, and that reviewed the paths of least resistance. …

A design outside the bounds of sets

LEGO never produced sets related to religion, probably because they wanted to stay secular. I understand. However, churches have been mainstays in European cities and architecture. So I built a church.

All images by author

First, I set out to design the size so I could understand how many pieces I would need. Part of this design was dictated by how many rows and how wide the rows of seats would be.

A group of collections on stories from my experience

Here are some collections of stories from work and school separated into a few categories to help with navigating.

Fruit Company Stories

Job Search and Career Experience

Data Science

University Lessons

Work Character

Wild Data

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A field I never thought I would end up in

I’ve loved data all my life, and I got into the field as a result of computer vision. Here are some stories that I hope can help you if you’re journeying through data.

Data Science: Essentials

Data Presentation Essentials

Data in Living Color

How to break into Data Science the easy way

A Day in the Life of a Data Scientist

Privacy in Machine Learning: PII

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If you like, follow me on Twitter and YouTube where I post videos of espresso shots on different machines and espresso related stuff. You can also find me on LinkedIn. …


Robert McKeon Aloe

I’m in love with my Wife, my Kids, Espresso, Data Science, tomatoes, cooking, engineering, talking, family, Paris, and Italy, not necessarily in that order.

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