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Coffee Data Science

More analysis on layered espresso

Previously, I’ve looked a flow parameters in how they are correlated to a good espresso shot. I didn’t find anything new, but then I did a breakdown on shot type, and I started to see some interesting variables. One of the confounding variables in my data in multiple types of layered shots, and they have a difference in flow.

Espresso Variants:

  1. Regular Espresso Shot
  2. Staccato Tamped
  3. Sudo-Staccato
  4. Double-Double

Metrics of Performance

I use two metrics for evaluating the differences between techniques: Final Score and Coffee Extraction.

Final score is the average of a scorecard of 7 metrics (Sharp, Rich, Syrup, Sweet, Sour, Bitter…

Coffee Data Science

Improving flow issues with a top metal filter

I have different history with single baskets than others. When I really got into using a lever machine, a double was too much coffee for me. So I got a single VST basket (7g), and I started using it extensively. For the past year, I went to an 18g basket, and I decided to revisit the single basket as the top metal screens have become more common.

In this article, I look at the VST single basket, the IMS “The Single” basket, and making an 18g basket a single basket using the metal mesh.

My Former Single Life

When I first started using the…

Written by my cousin Elizabeth Means

Hourglass was recently published by my cousin, and I thought I would write a review for the book given that I was allowed to read it a year ago. We are two of 44 cousins, and we both enjoy writing, so when I saw she was writing a book, I asked to read it. I’m saying all this upfront so you know that I have a bias.

I really enjoy science fiction, particularly end of the world type books or technology drastically changing how the world functions. I have read almost all of Arthur C. Clarke’s works, and he quickly…

Ruminating on Imposter Syndrome.

You wouldn’t know it based on my degrees that I didn’t feel smart in high school. I felt average at best, and I felt like even doing my best, I was only average. When I got to university, I realized I was pretty smart. So where was the disconnect?

I wasn’t bullied for being stupid in middle school or high school, but I was bullied for being different. I was certainly different academically for most of high school because I was in the highest math classes without being at the same level in other subjects. …

Coffee Data Science

Examining using a top metal mesh

For the past few years, there has been this idea of using a paper filter on top of a espresso filter basket to improve flow. I have not found an improvement, but that is probably due to a top paper filter makes channeling for a lever machine worse. However, I was still paying attention when metal mesh filters came out.

Metal mesh filters came on the market a few years ago inspired by paper filters. From what I understand, they started out for La Pavoni, a lever machine.

Coffee Data Science

Some home roasting experience

I wish I could say I do super fancy coffee selection when roasting. I also wish I used the data from coffee grades and flavors to really find the best coffees. But I don’t. I enjoy variety and uniqueness in coffee blends which often gives surprises. I also get to have an experience that I’m not guaranteed to have again.

However, there is some method to the madness, so while I was selecting coffee recently, I took some screen shots to share how I do it. I’m very curious how other people select coffee.

Not to fix the mess, but to change the perspective

I have young kids. They are a mess. It feels like my wife and I are constantly cleaning up after them.

Coffee Data Science

Seeing the beans for the grinds

When we look at coffee particle distributions for coffee grinds, they are really like measuring temperature in the sense that we’re measuring the average over multiple samples. To better understand how much a coffee distribution varies bean to bean, we can sample just a few beans and compare their distributions.

All images by author

To do this, I used a ROK grinder so that I could quickly clean out the grinder between beans.

Robert McKeon Aloe

I’m in love with my Wife, my Kids, Espresso, Data Science, tomatoes, cooking, engineering, talking, family, Paris, and Italy, not necessarily in that order.

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