Are Prince Harry and Princess Meghan pulling a ruse to distract from Prince Andrew?

Robert McKeon Aloe
2 min readJan 11, 2020


I recently read Prince Charles was infuriated when finding out that Harry was going out on his own. There was a flurry of news about it. It got me thinking, maybe this was a diversion?


Even at Christmas, the press made a lot of noise about Harry and Meghan going to Canada for Christmas. It seemed a little much. What else was going on?

Prince Andrew was having some issues and lost all royal positions in November after his now famous interview. The Queen said she supported him, but only in the “he’s my son, so I’m stuck with him” sort of way.

Theory: Harry is a ringer

My theory is that Harry and Meghan are taking one for the team. It might seem like they’ve been under a lot of stress and press attention, but how are we so certain these things were devised as the Epstein monster was being exposed?

A new accuser had come out against Epstein in April 2019, and if the Queen really was in the know about the truth, she could have easily aimed at a long reaching plan to help move media attention away from her son Andrew and towards some other drama that isn’t explicitly tied to immorality.

With a baby born in May, news trickled in during the following months foreshadowing a break from tradition, and the drama and media behind the situation snowballed. It doesn’t hurt that Meghan has some acting experience, and Harry already has a rebellious reputation. Who knows, maybe even that rebellious nature was contrived to help pull attention away from whatever drama of the day arose.

This is all just a theory. It would be hard to prove, but it seems like serendipitous timing for Harry and Meghan to “cause” so much drama. Maybe I am wrong; that is why it is a theory.

This is not the typical piece for me to write. I’m only writing it because so far, nobody has come out with the same theory. I mostly stick with coffee, food, character, and work stuff.



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