Jesus Didn’t Perform Miracles

Another view on the teachings of Christ

Robert McKeon Aloe
2 min readApr 23, 2022

Jesus didn’t perform any miracles. He did do things that if he were just a regular person, it would be considered a miracle. However, if we view Jesus as God incarnate, then nothing he does could be considered a miracle. It isn’t surprise and delight because it is expected.

If you were to give Jesus a performance review, he would be considered “meets expectations” because our expectations is that he is God.

If Jesus didn’t perform miracles, why was so much of the Gospel focused on these acts?

Surely, some of his actions were so surprising and convincing to some that he was actually God. Some of his stories were to show the extent of the way Jesus loved, which then he commanded us to love as the final step of the progressive love he prescribes.

If Jesus’s message was that we should progressively love more, then why talk about his “miracle” acts anyhow?

I believe the answer is overlooked. There were miracles in the Bible, but they weren’t Jesus. The miracles were done by everyday people exceeding expectations.

We are the miracle when we love others as Jesus has loved us. This is not a easy or simple task. It is easy to love your family because you’re around them. It is easy to give selflessly that which doesn’t burden you to do. However, to love those you intensely resent or hate, to love those persecuting you, to love them as much as Jesus loves you, that is the miracle.

If we want miracles in our lives, we don’t have to wait for Jesus to come again. We just have to start by loving everyone in our lives and raising our expectations of our ability to love so that this level of love isn’t exceeding expectations but meeting expectations.

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