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Launching a LEGO Rocket to the Moon!

A story of escaping the surface of the earth.

Robert McKeon Aloe
4 min readJan 6, 2021

Growing up, I was in love with rocket ships. We used to go to Houston Space Center on a regular occasion. I would have loved to have had a rocket ship LEGO set, but there wasn’t one.

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Years later, I was living in Paris, and I found a small R2D2 and C3PO set that was an escape pod. Immediately, I knew I could build a rocket ship. At the time, we had a house guest that was very unpleasant, and building this rocket allowed me to escape from his presence.

I initially bought 11 sets, and after the first design, I knew I had to build it larger. There wasn’t enough room for a lunar lander. So I bought 10 more sets, and got to work. My aim was to get as close to the Saturn V rocket as I could.

I used whatever color pieces I had, but I did my best to try to match. Some of the gray pieces are from a MegaBlocks battleship I intentionally boat just for parts.

I spent a lot of time on the capsule, and the design worked out well. I spent less time on the tower. The tower was mainly to keep the rocket stable. There was a toilet on top just in case the astronauts needed to go one last time before launch.

The lunar lander had to be compact, and it needed both a ladder and door. It barely fits inside.

After lunar exploration, the base would be left on the surface of the moon.

I struggled getting the lunar lander to attached at the nose, and the next best thing was the side where the astronaut would have to perform an EVA to get into and out of the lunar lander.

The capsule itself would then detach for re-entry.

Ultimately, I didn’t get to go to the moon, but I’m quite proud of the little bits that went into this build.



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