LEGO’s: Stories of Destruction

I’ve loved Legos since I can remember. I don’t remember my childhood without having Legos. My love for Legos progressively changed over time, but the theme of creativity always remained the same. Unfortunately, for everything build, things were destroyed.

Graveyard in front of the hospital because it’s convenient.
Oldest picture of my city.
The original launch platform seemed too close for safety for the Space Shuttle, so I made it longer.
Just one of many blueprints I had for the city.
I built a fort with this awesome Blacktron set in mind.
Aircraft Carrier
My Saturn rocket vs the Space Shuttle Set
Simply setting up
Seats 50 people


Then I moved to California, and I only brought the pieces that were not build, so about seven boxes. I left the rest for fear of moving them and not having the space to build them. At the time, we had one baby, and within a few years, we had two more kids, so my time to even build legos was very limited.

Ode to Centro Storico in Amantea
I did build a slum.
The whole city.
Right before packing it up.

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