The Momentem Coffee Grinder

A double burr hand grinder

Robert McKeon Aloe
3 min readJul 26, 2022

I was first introduced to this grinder a year ago when Micky saw some of my coffee grind distributions. He was trying to get a better grip on the benefits of double grinding. We became friends, and he then helped me with my book’s Kickstarter. So I am very excited this grinder is coming out, and I thought I would talk about the grinder from a data standpoint.

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This isn’t the first double grinder, but it is the first within an affordable price range. Any grinder could be used in the manner of a double grinder, but it is not convenient.

A double grinder offers the opportunity for less hand work for a finer grind for espresso.

This grinder should also allow for better adjustment during the grind.

It is also the first grinder with a built in sifter. Some have seen sifting as an opportunity to remove certain particle sizes from their brew, but I see it as an opportunity to redistribute particle sizes to a more optimal layout like staccato espresso.

A nice addition is an adjustable arm length for the handle.

A Little Bit of Data

I’ve collected double grind data before, and I use a double grind technique to separate the inside and outside fines.

S40, S40 reground at S10, and S10 on the Niche

The distributions are certainly interesting. The reground coffee has less fines, and so you could grind a bit finer as people have found.

I haven’t had an easy mechanism to double grind in a larger scale examination of taste, and this Momentem grinder could greatly contribute to that exploration.

I think this grinder will allow for some more interesting testing than current grinders, and it has a potential to do more for coffee data science than other grinders out on the market.

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