LEGO Church

A design outside the bounds of sets

Robert McKeon Aloe
3 min readJan 10, 2021

LEGO never produced sets related to religion, probably because they wanted to stay secular. I understand. However, churches have been mainstays in European cities and architecture. So I built a church.

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First, I set out to design the size so I could understand how many pieces I would need. Part of this design was dictated by how many rows and how wide the rows of seats would be.

I wanted it to be shaped how churches have been mostly designed in the past, in the shape of a cross.

I wanted some large doors and some arches. It didn’t turn out quite as planned, but it was enjoyable.

I had enough pieces for the roof, but it has to be different colors. I designed the roof and to sit on the skeleton of the building. This roof was designed as well so I could access the interior of the building easily.

I had an altar, a dish of holy water, and a baptismal font.

Another view shows pews and a little water that escaped the font.

The back side had doors for entry and more holy water. I was only missing a cry room, but I figured the church would be more tolerant of children than many churches I’ve been in.

I really enjoyed the design because it was particularly large. It seats 50 parishioners, which is the largest seating aside from my stadium.

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