So you spilled your fresh roasted coffee beans on the floor…

Maybe just wash them.

Robert McKeon Aloe
3 min readMay 1, 2021

Typically, when I roast coffee, I roast two different beans separately. It makes for a much better blend post-roast except when you knock over your basket because you weren’t paying attention.

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I was really sad and emotional even though in terms of cost, it was $4, and in terms of time, it was 15 minutes. However, I don’t like wasting anything.

So I cleaned it up.

I saw a post in a forum that if you have green beans mixed in with roasted beans, you can put them in water. The green beans will float to the bottom. I figured if you could put roasted beans in water for that purpose, why not to rinse them off?

Then I put them on a tray and dried them with some paper towels.

I let them stay there for a bit.

Finally, I put them in a jar with some paper towels, and I removed them a few days later.

The coffee ended up tasting just fine, so I’m glad I didn’t just throw away the beans in careless act.



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