Caring for a LEGO Hospital

Only the best for the brick people

Robert McKeon Aloe
4 min readJan 13, 2021

As I was building out my city, I decided I needed a state-of-the-art hospital.

I started with a simple design, and I spent too much time designing a morgue. I wanted to have a table that rotated and some freezer storage. It’s probably because my mom’s family has a dark humor about themselves when it comes to death.

I also wanted a helipad.

I designed with some columns, and I was specifically aiming to keep the profile of the building to be small enough to put between two roads. Each road piece has 7 dots on each side, so the width was designed at 12 dots to fit between two road pieces.

Some road pieces to show where the edge is located.

Of course, it should have sliding, clear doors because what’s a hospital without sliding doors?

Here is an overall view. There are patient rooms on the top floor, a blood center and nursery on the second from top, then a surgery room, then MRI and morgue. Finally, on the bottom floor, there is an ER.

The building has a nice shape, and it fit my city height requirement as I was aiming for a dense city.

Walk-in clients go to the ER. I was intending to break out the wall on the left side for an elevator, and the left wall has a 4 stud from the edge for an elevator all the way up.

The operating room was a lot fun to make as there are a lot of small details. Of course, there is a sliding door and two wash sinks.

As patients recover, they can look out the window for a nice view.

The hospital was designed along the same lines as a few other buildings I made at the time, and I loved working on the detail to make it so compact.



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