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A brief discussion of my book

Robert McKeon Aloe
2 min readDec 6, 2021

For anyone following me, I thought I’d let you know that I extracted from 1,200 pages a book on how to incrementally improve espresso using data science. I’m using Kickstarter to gauge interest and fund the graphic design, editing, and printing. So far, it’s surpassed the initial goal of $5,000, and it is at $11,000. I hope it can go much further than that.

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The book aims to give better practices for all the main variables of espresso, and the secondary aim of the book is to help people be able to collect and use their own data to improve their shots. Additionally, I recently did a write-up on why I decided to write a book now.

Much of this information is already available in longer pieces on my Medium page, so if you are curious, you can check out many of the many topics I’ve written about with respect to espresso.

Any feedback is welcome, and if you decide to share my book with your friends and family, I would be grateful.

Thanks for your support!



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